Check Out the New Store!

New FlightClub Store!

New FlightClub Store

Hi guys, the time has come where we’ve outgrown our current store.  Thanks for the patience the past  two weeks as we’ve suffered lots of website issues with shipping quotes, no order notification emails, slow and crashing site.  We are still working around the clock to work out all the bugs so please bear with us.  The product links in the blog posts will point to the old store which is no longer active.

Please visit the new FlightClub Store while we work on redirecting all the old links.







2 responses to “Check Out the New Store!”

  1. CabLabn Avatar

    Will our old orders be transferred to our new account? When I logged back in on the new site and checked my account for old orders, none were listed. I only ask because I recently ordered the Tokio frame and with the lifetime warranty, I’m worried it might be on record that I purchased it.

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      no the old orders will not transfer to the new site. But don’t worry about the warranty, all Tokios will have the warranty.

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