hybrid race setup

Hybrid Race Configuration : Is it Hype or Real

Hybrid Race Configuration : Is it Hype or Real

Some of the fastest pilots in the world are now running this hybrid race configuration. The hybrid race configuration is running 5″ SX arms in the front and 6″ true X in the rear with 5″ props.

This hybrid configuration was made popular by Minchan.  He must be onto something cause this dude is crazy fast.  There’s no slop in his lines, just super clean flow.

Parts used in this Video

In theory the hybrid race configuration is suppose to be faster in the corners and cut down on prop wash.  It makes sense since the geometry of the rear is more spread out making the rolls faster.

I met up with Captainvanover to get his thoughts on this setup.

Lap Times

5″ SX front and rear

hybrid race setup

  1. 15:50
  2. 14:46
  3. 14:16
  4. 12:94

2nd Run

  1. 13:51
  2. 12:76
  3. 12:78
  4. 12:80
  5. 12:44

Average lap time 13:48

Hybrid 5″ SX front and 6″ X rear

hybrid race setup

1st run

  1. 15:30
  2. 14.99
  3. 12:18
  4. 12:29

2nd run

  1. 14:04
  2. 15:17 (missed gates)
  3. 14:20
  4. 12:35 (missed gates)
  5. 13:91
  6. 13:03

Average lap time 13:74

So what do these numbers tell us?  Not much really.

I know this test isn’t very through.  Alex pretty much just flew one battery to get a feel for my quad then 4 timed runs.

He did run the fastest lap time 12:18 with the hybrid configuration but the overall average lap time was faster on the SX, 13:48 vs 13:74 on the hybrid.  The slower average could have been due to the two warm up laps he had on the hybrid setup.

We’re going to continue this test after the finals next month.  I’m going to cut him some 6″ X arms for his Neutron.  This way he can actually spend some time getting use to the hybrid race configuration.

What do you think about this hybrid race configuration?  Let me know in the comments below if you run this setup and your experience with it.

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10 responses to “Hybrid Race Configuration : Is it Hype or Real”

  1. KumoKraft Avatar

    5.5in X rear on Neutron should be a good balance

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      i’m going to get 6″ X and 5.5 wide x cut for neutron. want some and help me test?

      1. Danny Cruz Avatar

        Hi Mike, please count me in on this. I want to build another Neutron, this time with the Aikon ESC and a Talon F7 to compare to my MillovoltOSD equipped Neutron. But, since I have a few sets of 5 in arms, I was wondering about going 5 inch fronts, 5.5 or 6 inch rears. Yeah, it’s not 5 SX, but at that point we are nit-picking I think. The 5.5 or 6 inch arms in the rear should give it more spacing even with standard 5 inch front ams, and a slightly forward CG. – Danny @Pinchtune

        1. Mike Tseng Avatar
          Mike Tseng

          they hype is real. i’ve been flying my hybrid neutron with the talon f7/ak32. it’s my best flying quad! I will have the 6″ arms as soon as the factories return from chinese new year. you’ll love this setup

          1. Danny Cruz Avatar

            Hi Mike, sounds good. I ordered some of the components today. I’ll see what else I need and can order from you over the next few days. Thanks

          2. Mike Tseng Avatar
            Mike Tseng


          3. Danny Cruz Avatar

            Hi Mike, so I have 2 built up Neutrons, and a 3rd one in the works. I will most likely order a 4th soon. I want to have 4 of them for this season, since I doing two different series. That’s more or less 12 races this season. 3 of the Neutrons have the standard X race arms. When I order the 4th frame, I’ll order some 6 inch arms since I already have a set of 5″ SX arms here. Only one of these quads has different motors and a different ESC. The other are exactly identical. So because that one’s a little different, I’ll test the hybrid setup on it. If I like it, well, we’ll see. We’ll go from there. Second MultiGP race is this weekend. Been practicing every day this week. I swear I’ve flown about 60 packs this week alone. Let’s see how it goes. Danny @PinchTune

          4. Mike Tseng Avatar
            Mike Tseng

            awesome man! i’m loving the hybrid setup. it’s all i run. it’s not hype

  2. Sig11 Avatar

    Any update on the 6 Inch True-X arms? I’d love to try this setup out also.

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      Hi, we’ll have a shipment of the 6″ Neutron arms late next week.


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