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FPV Questions and Answers with EnvyAstro and SedHendo #1

FPV Questions and Answers with EnvyAstro and SedHendo

What’s up everyone, hope you guys have been ripping it up with the Tokio frames!  That being said I’ve noticed that many people have questions that they want answered.  That is why I am excited to announce that I will now be having a Q&A series!  (Name of the series yet to be determined)

I’d like to introduce a way that will help us interact and answer a lot of questions that you may have. We will be doing this by making what we’d like to call “Q&A” video series. That will allow us to help with any type of questions a lot of you may have whether it’s a racing, tuning, PID, products, etc. Feel free to ask any questions and we will do our best to answer them in the video.

I will have one of my good friends that is very knowledgeable in the hobby, known as “SedHendo” helping me out with the videos. He will also be helping me out answer many of your questions.

Where do I Submit my questions?

We would like for everyone to submit their questions in the comments below on blog post corresponding to the upcoming Q&A video. This will make it both easier and allow it to be organized for us.We will only be answering questions asked on the blog so keep that in mind. We will try our best to answer all of the questions so bare with us if we do not get to your questions on that video, we will just answer them on the next.

When will the blog be ready to ask questions?

A new blog post for each video will be up the following Thursday before the video that way there is enough time for you guys to submit questions. In other words blogs for the corresponding video will be posted on the Thursdays that there isn’t any Q&A videos being posted.

When will videos be posted?

Our goal is to keep you updated, therefore we would like to release a Q&A video every other Thursday and on the days that blogs aren’t going up, which means at least twice a month. This will allow enough time in between for people to gather up any questions that they may have concerning anything FPV related.

The questions can be anything such as problems you are having, part suggestions, build suggestions, reviews or anything FPV related.  So let the questions fly in the comments below.






19 responses to “FPV Questions and Answers with EnvyAstro and SedHendo #1”

  1. Justin Avatar

    Hey Ivan,

    My F40 Pro 2400Kvs are getting warm, is that normal? Not too hot to touch but warm.
    Looking at the bottom of the motor stator, there looks like some epoxy maybe melting. Not sure if the motors came like that.

    Running Cicada 35a 4in1 with Dshot and Betaflight on Kiss FC.

    Also if you’re flashing Betaflight, why not use an F4 board instead of Kiss?


  2. Luke Landry Avatar
    Luke Landry

    Ok my set up:
    Lumenier QAV SX
    Lumenier MX2206-2450kv motors
    Kiss FC with latest firmware stock PIDS
    Spedix HV 30 A ESC’s
    R-Line 95C 1500mah

    In forward flight at approx. 35-40 degrees, no matter what throttle range, doing light to hard turns my quad wants to pitch forward even more leaving me looking at the ground most of the time and i find myself having to apply a little reverse pitch just to make turns. Hard to fly with this happening.
    I tried increasing “I” on the pitch axis but it’s still pitching when turning right or left.
    What are your suggestions on fixing this? Could it be i did not raise “I” high enough on pitch and how high is too high?

  3. GITech Avatar

    *****Sorry if this is a double post, but didn’t get anything last time I submitted…?*****

    Great idea! Glad to see you progress and grow. You deserve it!

    The other day I was daydreaming about the Tokio SX I would have some day, and was wondering about the injection canopies (and I see you have one in this video…HYPE). I had asked if “Yellow” could be one of the colors once they go into production. I was told “it’s likely”, so thank you for that! 🙂

    My questions are:
    1. Is it still TPU? What is the weight?
    2. I love TPU and want it, but have you thought about an additional SKU for a vac formed Lexan version for a lighter weight build?
    3. Are the ‘color’ variants transparent, opaque, or solid? I’d love to see it in transparent yellow!

    4. On the frame, do you think you can shave a few grams? Possibly some “lightening” in the “under the canopy” area. Maybe via plunge routing, so as to leave a thin layer of CF for “the bottom”.

    I’m thinkin’ you can get your frame down to the ~<70 gram range with these ideas. (?)

    Thanks for everything,
    Jay, GITech

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      Hi Jay,

      thanks for the feedback on the injection canopies.

      Right now the first prototype canopies we got are 32g. I’m working with the factory to see what we can do to reduce the weight.

      Yes the lexan would be lighter but they look terrible after they’ve been used as lexan scratches easily.

      The first batch of frames will be solid colors except for the clear one. We will explore transparent options in the second batch.

      Yes cutting out cf would shave a few grams but i think it would compromise the strength of the frame. Especially with the big holes cut out for the butter mounts. I’m working on a new frame if you are concerned about weight 🙂


      1. GITech Avatar

        Thx Mike,

        After taking a day to think about it:

        1. I’m thinking a “spine and rib cage” with a “webbing” worth of material for the “skin” type design would work out well for lightening the TPU canopy. Mimic nature. (Also, I think you might be able to loose the Antenna ports).

        2. What would a few scratches matter when your frame and name is the on the podium? A Lexan canopy could be it’s own SKU. Allows for custom painting. Cheap to make and purchase. Peeps may buy several at a time, and for different purposes.

        3. Is there a place to see all the canopies as they are now and other more “inside” info?

        4. Cool. Will the frame warranty be void if I drill some holes, but the frame doesn’t break at those holes?

        5.The 3″ version?? Will it have 20x20mm or 15x15mm PCB standoff spacing? Could it be “slots” to accommodate for both, even with the “butter mount” bushings? 🙂

        6. Are you thinking about a 4″ version of the 3″?

        1. Mike Tseng Avatar
          Mike Tseng

          I will have answers to all your questions coming soon. But yes, drilling holes in your frame will void your warranty no matter where it breaks.

  4. Tracy Thomas Avatar
    Tracy Thomas

    Any idea when the SX will be available?? Can’t wait to get dialed in..

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      The SX frames are on their way and will be here around Monday or Tuesday.


  5. Anthony "Toro" Garcia Avatar
    Anthony “Toro” Garcia

    Hey guys, thanks for doing this. You guys help out so much and really appreciate it.

    My question is: Do you fly with the camera at full tilt on any of the Tokio frames and if you do or do not, what are the advantage or disadvantages of doing so?

  6. Nick Katsoulis Avatar

    What do you recommend for racing FC rates. I am sure different tracks call for different rates possibly. Can you go over your experience and what you do to tune in a good Rate for racing? Thanks

    1. GITech Avatar

      You’re in luck! They just released a vid for tuning PID’s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ml9xyMjb5As 🙂

  7. Mark Rash Avatar
    Mark Rash

    What type of solder do you recommend and what soldering tips can you give to make better solder joints?

  8. Mark Baker Avatar
    Mark Baker

    What camera are you using and what are your camera settings?

  9. Ben Avatar

    Y u so good bro

  10. Mark Rash Avatar
    Mark Rash

    Ivan, you fly incredibly fast, but I notice your camera angle is only halfway up in the Tokio canopy. Are you looking at the ground sometimes during high speed bursts? What are your considerations when setting your camera angle? Do you recommend increasing your camera angle over time as your skill increases, or would you recommend going ahead and setting the angle higher to force you to learn how to fly that way?

  11. Greg Avatar

    Just moved all my electronics from my qav r to my Tokio X. All Kiss, stock pids. Emaxx 2205s 2300kv, racecraft 5.4.3 props. Air mode set in Kiss, I arm it and everything is ok, throttle up just a tad and get a terrible oscillation noise. If I take off it’s ok, just right before take off I get these weird oscillation noise. Motors are spinning correctly, props are on right and tight. It did not do this before I changed frames. All settings are stock on the Kiss fc. Any ideas?

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      this is a known issue with kiss fc right now. flash the kiss fc with beta flight and that oscillation will go away.

      1. Greg Avatar

        Thank You! I was wondering if that was the reason they were flashing Betaflight.

  12. Todd B Mayer Avatar
    Todd B Mayer

    Any chance you will come up with a solution for mounting a Mobius on top for us non gopro people

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