flightclub tokio sx stretch x

FlightClub Tokio SX

FlightClub Tokio SX


flightclub tokio sx stretch x

You asked for it and here it is, Tokio SX!   The SX is the stretched X version of the Tokio X.  It still has all the great features of the Tokio X, butter mount, chamfered edges, hypotense carbon fiber cut, 2 screw canopy mount, camera and vtx protection, except that it’s 220mm to accommodate the stretch.

flightclub tokio sx stretch x

Why stretch X?  For going fast on a racetrack!  The theory behind a stretch is that is has a more stable pitch and quicker rolls.  But actually regular rolls on a stretch X are not as fast as a true X.  The fastest way around a corner is to pitch, roll and give it a lot of throttle.  I think the reason the SX feels tighter around corners is that in order for it to roll the motors actually have to work harder to roll.  So in a SX when you roll it’s automatically giving it extra throttle. The stable pitch makes maintaining altitude easier also.  What ever it is, it works!  The Tokio SX corners on rails!

flightclub tokio sx stretch x

flightclub tokio sx stretch x

flightclub tokio sx stretch x

Which one should you get, X or SX?  It depends on you are doing.  For general flying and having fun in a park freestyling I would say go for the X.  The true X patter makes it a perfectly balanced X able to roll and flip equally fast.  If you do mostly racing, the SX would be the better choice.  The stable pitch and snappy rolls gives it a really locked in flying on rails feeling around a track.  Better yet, get both!  Have the right weapon for each battle.

Tokio News
A Sexy frame is getting Sexier

flightclub tokio sx stretch xDemand for Tokio frames are beyond what we were expecting.  There’s no way we can keep up with the demand for Tokio frames by printing the canopies ourselves.  A race canopy takes over 2 hours and the GoPro canopy takes about 3.5 hours to print.  Some colors are more difficult to print than others.  There have been a lot of resellers reaching out to us to get Tokio frames in their stores but we just can’t print this many canopies.  4 printers going non stop 24/7 is still not enough.  The only way to satisfy the need for Tokios is…..injection molding!

Yup, the mold has already started and as you can see it’s pretty complicated and not cheap to make.  For that reason we will still sell Tokios with printed canopies in the meantime.  But don’t worry.  Everybody who has a 3D printed canopy Tokio will get a new sexy injection molded canopy when we have them.  That’s right.  If you have a printed canopy, just pay for shipping and we’ll send you the injection molded canopy for free!  No buyers remorse here.  Win – win!

First we will just have the race canopy injection molded.  The GoPro canopy will still be printed.  Unfortunately molds for the injection are extremely expensive.

The injection mold will take about a month to make then there will be sampling and prototyping.  After the mold is finalized it will go into production.  So I’m guessing it will be at least 2 months before we’ll have the injection molded canopies to ship out.

Canopy Colors

Until we get the injection canopies we will limit the printed colors to black, grey, red and blue.  The reason for this is different tolerances in colors and manufacturers make some colors difficult and inconsistent to print.  When we have the injection we plan to have black, white, grey, red, blue, orange and maybe purple.  Anyone with a printed canopy can request whatever injection canopy color they want when we get them.

Let me know in the comments below what color we are missing.  If demand is high enough we’ll get that color.

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The next batch of X and SX frames will be available around 4/17.






18 responses to “FlightClub Tokio SX”

  1. daniel passmore Avatar
    daniel passmore

    So I imagine me having a white tpu canopy puts me In a pretty exclusive group then.

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      yup! ur in the elite group 🙂

  2. Cliff Jones Avatar

    Mike, you are a class act.. I can’t wait to build my Tokyo X and start posting videos with Tokyo X in the keywords… You can bet I’ll be mentioning FPV-Flightclub.. Your attention to detail is what gave me the courage to start out building my own quads. Thank you!

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      thanks cliff!

    2. daniel passmore Avatar
      daniel passmore

      I can assure you that you will not be disappointed in what you get. Just make sure you plan the build out b/c space is at a premium on this frame. Your stack will need to be neat and tidy and your wires trimmed down well. It is a wonderful frame though. I’m thinking about getting the sx as well. Maybe they will make a 150 version as well (hint hint).

      1. Mike Tseng Avatar
        Mike Tseng

        thanks dan! A 3″ is in the works 🙂

  3. Brad beebe Avatar
    Brad beebe

    Well You have got me hooked Mike 2 QAV 250 And My QAV R. Love them all like little children. LoL. May have to expand the fleet

  4. GITech Avatar

    Yellow please! Purple too! 🙂

    I’d say leave out gray and orange. 😉

    I just discovered this frame. GREAT job! I’ve read a few articles and seen a few vids already. On to researching you and these frames more!

    Thank you. You have done a great job and deserve ALL the success this brings you! 😀

    PS: Excited about the 3″ too!

  5. Jim Avatar

    What’s the total weight of the frame w/pod?

  6. Jimmy Avatar

    Would is be possible for us to print our own canopies?

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      no sorry, we don’t share that file

  7. Aaron Vliet Avatar
    Aaron Vliet

    I’d like to see a purple injection

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      yes purple will be one of the colors. thanks

  8. Wesley Clark Avatar

    I neeed a pink canopy!

  9. Chris Se Avatar
    Chris Se

    Any Update on when to expect the new canopies? I’m about to hit the purchase button….

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      they canopies are in production right now with estimated completion date of 8/1. i will let everyone know when i get them

  10. DARKHOURS Avatar

    Would love to see a Lime Green

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