Wassup everyone!  Hope all is well in this crazy time!

The time has come to move on!  

FlightClub started 6 years ago as a passion for drones, really an obssession.  I loved building, flying, learning and teaching everything about drones.  I knew how confusing building a first quad is so I loved helping people.  

Since starting Flightclub a lot has changed.  Got married, got a house, got a dog and got a kid.  Along the way of getting all this stuff I lost a lot too.  Most notibly, lost a lot of time and passion.  Before marriage and a kid came along, I worked 14 hour days on FlightClub and loved it.

Anyone who’s ever mixed passion and business knows it’s not always a good mix.  Yes if done right it can work.  But being pretty much a one-person business, I got burnt out.  Lack of time and the countless tasks a one-person business has to get done burned me out.  The passion is gone.

In the past year I’ve only flow once. It’s time to move on.

I just wanted to make this post and THANK my audience for spending time on this website, my YouTube channel and in my store. Thanks to all my customers these past 6 years. You guys supported me and a passion to make it a full-time living. Seriously guys, thanks!

Not sure what I will do with this website or the YouTube channel yet but I’ll keep it up. I’ve moved on to new ventures and no longer have time to upkeep the online store.

As a final thank you, I’m having an inventory clearance sale. 50% off everything in the store!

Use coupon code: FAREWELL for 50% off your entire cart.

If any resellers or teams are interested in bulk frame orders, send me a note and I’ll hook you up with a massive discount.

If anyone is interested in buying the business (website, YouTube channel monetized with 33.7k subs, Instagram with 8k followers, all intellectual property including frame CAD designs) hit me up. It’s a turn-key business ready to fire back up.

THANK YOU to my audience and customers!!!!







30 responses to “Farewell….Goodbye…”

  1. jeremiah james Avatar
    jeremiah james

    OMG, I am both saddened and excited for you as things come to an end. Life changes and brings New Joys and opportunities. I have to ask though, have you explored the option of selling the business? maybe someone would be interested in taking it over. I’m interested, though I’m not sure the timing is right. anyhow, thanks for your dedication to the hobby and providing so many people such great products and joys. best of luck with your new ventures and enjoy that family!

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      it’s better sweet to leave a business i created from scratch and once loved. it’s just too hard with family obligations.

      yes i’d be open to selling the business

  2. Michael Petsle Avatar
    Michael Petsle

    Mike this is as big a shock as when we lost JC!!! I dreaded this news as I felt it was coming when I saw I think your last video? Taking a splinter out your finger! 😳πŸ₯΄πŸ˜©πŸ™ˆπŸ˜£ I new right at that moment something was wrong. I’m very saddened by your announcement, but it’s your decision and no one can say you didn’t put your heart and soul into it! I truly miss your kick starts too! EnvyAstro & Sed hendo and their torture tests! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ I wish you all the luck in your future projects etc! You will be truly missed bro! πŸ™πŸ™β€οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ€

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      haha, you got me!

      I tried to hang in and keep going but without passion it wasn’t fun anymore. If I can’t give my 100% into this, I didn’t wanna put out sub-par gear.

  3. Ken Stovall Avatar

    Wow Mike I hate to see you exit this fun but crazy hobby, I built my first quad from your video on on the QAV250 and learned a lot….. thanks for all your help through out the years and I wish you the very best luck in what ever you will be doing. Take care of your wife, son and that famous if dog!!

    Ken Stovall / AKA TxFlyer

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      Ken, I remember the days you were sourcing components to fix the OSDoge boards. Remember those??? How times have changed.

  4. Bib Lasky Avatar
    Bib Lasky

    Life happens. I’ve learned a lot of from you.

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      thanks Bib! Glad I could help!

      1. Ray Avatar

        Life is a journey Mike!!! One chapter closes another one opens!! You have a beautiful family and that in itself is a treasure to appreciate everyday…
        Once again Thanks for everything you have done for me!!! Keep in touch now and then.. You are a good man!!
        Remember Happy Wife …Happy Life!!!

        1. Mike Tseng Avatar
          Mike Tseng

          Thanks brother! You gotta keep me up to date on your dream house build!

  5. William Mora Avatar
    William Mora

    Hate to see you go. Take care and good luck with your future ventures! Still flying my 2 PROtons I got from you a couple years ago. Still a great frame!

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      thanks william for all your support!

  6. Num3gafpv Avatar

    All the best with the new venture mike. Keep building. Keep flying. As they u dont fly coz ur grown older. U grow old coz u dont fly!! Fly crash repair repeat!!

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      thanks! i will get back into flying once this is all taken care of

  7. Eric Schellenberger Avatar
    Eric Schellenberger

    Oh, Heck! I’ve always been extremely proud to tell people my quads were built from Flight Club FPV kits. And that it was like having your buddy Mike talk and walk you through EVERYTHING you needed to get it done. And when they flew your quads or had a look they all remarked on how beautiful, or well made they were. And how well they flew. But hey, family first bro! I left a lot of individual passions behind when my kids came along. Totally natural. I hope your build blogs will stay up for a little while longer, still have my Proton to build… Enjoy family, diversify, and maybe some day, yeah, one fine day, you’ll want to play with your quads again. Kids love them!

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      thanks Eric for your years of support!

      yes one day I’ll get back into flying quads.

  8. mint3d Avatar

    I felt exactly the way you did when I decided to close up QuadRacer. I can tell you from my experience you won’t regret it. Sometimes you will miss it. But you won’t regret it. Your story mirrors mine in almost every way, the time, the feelings, the loss of passion, the burnout. Your contributions and innovations were fantastic and as a fellow designer I followed your products closely. Thanks and best wishes.

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      I know! I hung on longer than I should have. I’ve been working on a new business venture the past year and it’s finally taken off.

      Hope all is well with you and good luck in all your future endevors!

  9. PaulH Avatar

    Hi Mike, I can understand the feeling of moving on, and how hard it is to give up a business you’ve started. I did the same thing with a software consultancy I started in 2002 and ended 5 years ago. Best wishes on your new endeavors. Hey, any chance you would make the stl for the Neutron-R parts (especially the canopies) available?

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      Yeah, I hung on longer than I should have. Yes, send me an email and I’ll get it to ya.

  10. Takeo Ogami Avatar
    Takeo Ogami

    Wow, used you a guide years ago to build my QAV 250 with the naze32 and osdoge, bought a bunch out 3d printed stuff to deck it out. It’s a hobby for me but you made it a business, keep in touch it’s a small world.

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      thanks Takeo!

  11. Alf Skaar Avatar

    Take Care Mike. I hop you will show up at IO one day. Alf πŸ™‚

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      Hey Alf, yup, I still have my ticket for when they decide to do it. It’s a fun road trip. See ya there!

  12. JimD Avatar

    You have been a HUGE asset to this incredible hobby and I hope your content continues to live on the web for future hobbyists to access. Thank you for all of the well-presented tutorials and for the great machines I’ve built based on your designs which I continue to enjoy!

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      thanks Jim!

  13. Kevin Turner Avatar
    Kevin Turner

    sorry to see you go but you really have been a great business for the fpv community over the years. good luck in future endeavors !! don’t forget to fly every now and then for fun !

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      YES SIR! I’ll fly once all the madness calms down. Thanks for your nice words!

  14. Sir Gonzalez Avatar
    Sir Gonzalez

    hey, bro! i wish u well on your next chapter! thanks for all the experiences, advice, and know-how. i’ve learned a lot from u; a lot to pass on… u taught me my first build and proud to say i’ve flown almost all your frames, too (tokio, proton/proton-R, neutron/neutron-R, bangkok/prototype winner). u will be sorely missed. stay safe!

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      thanks Arnold, it was fun while it lasted. thanks for all your support these years!

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