emax magnum review build

EMAX Magnum All in One Tower : Easy Quad Build

EMAX Magnum All in One Tower

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The EMAX Magnum is a clean quadcopter builder’s dream.  In a small 36 x 42 x 18mm stack, the EMAX Magnum is a 6 in 1 stack that has everything you need to build your FPV quadcopter.  Just add the motors, camera and antenna and you’re done!

EMAX Magnum Highlights
  • F4 Flight Controller
  • 30A Bullet ESC running BLHeli-s, DShot 600
  • 25-200mw 48 Channel Video Transmitter
  • FrSky XM+ Receiver
  • BetaFlight OSD
  • Power Distribution Board with clean 5V power out

See the full specifications on the EMAX Magnum AIO Tower page

The EMAX Magnum is a 6 in 1 stack that has almost everything you need to build the quad.  It takes all the guess work out of selecting parts that will work with each other.  At the heart of the stack is a super fast F4 processor running Betaflight.  It has BetaFlight OSD which lets you customize what you want shown in your display acheter cialis sans ordonnance.   This allows you to change PIDS from the display also.

The Magnum is sporting four of EMAX’s 30A ESC running BLHeli-S firmware that’s DShot600 compatible.  The onboard current sensor lets you monitor how many amps you are pulling in the OSD.

The VTX has adjustable power from 25-200mw and 48 channels which is perfect for racing.  The antenna is connected to the VTX via whip or 80mm SMA cable.  It has a simple one button operation that lets you select power, band and channel.

It comes with a FrSky XM+ Receiver that can stack on the top via a 3 header pin.  If  you need to use a different rx it has pads for Spektrum or another FrSky rx like the XSR or XSR-m.


Let’s do a comparison if you were to build a similar stack with all the components the Magnum comes with.

  1. DYS F4 flight controller with OSD $35.99
  2. DYS 30A 4in1 ESC $44.99
  3. TBS Unify Race $29.95
  4. FrSky XM+ $12.99

This stack of individual parts has similar specs as the EMAX Magnum ($110) is about $124.

Build List
Tools I Love

The EMAX Magnum is hands down the easiest quad I’ve built to date.  Since the flight controller, ESCs, VTX and RX comes pretty much assembled.  All that you need to do is solder the motor wires to the ESCs, install the XM+ and solder a wire for the camera…done!  It’s a ridiculously easy build.

First, solder the motor wires on the ESCs.  Since we are using BLHeli suite, it doesn’t matter which way you solder the wires.  You can reversed the motor direction in the software later.

emax magnum review build

emax magnum review build

Next stack the flight controller on top and solder the 3 header pins on the XM+.

emax magnum review build

Next measure out about 1.5″ of wire for the camera wire and solder on to the stack.

emax magnum review buildemax magnum review build

Mount the camera.  PSH…you’re done with the build!

emax magnum review buildemax magnum review build

Betaflight Setup

The BetaFlight setup is pretty straight forward.  I’ll post my screenshots of how mine is setup.

emax magnum review build
emax magnum review build
emax magnum review build
emax magnum review build
emax magnum review build

These PIDs are nearly stock.  I’ll post updated PIDs once I have more stick time.

emax magnum review build
emax magnum review buildemax magnum review buildemax magnum review buildemax magnum review buildemax magnum review buildemax magnum review buildPost Flight Tip

It’s highly recommended to put Bondic on the antenna mount on the VTX and the SMA extension.  Also to put Bondic on the wire that connects to the connector.  Mine kept popping off the VTX.  Then after a few crashes the wire came off the SMA.  Bondic is a super fast setting glue that sets in seconds when used with the UV light that comes with it.

Good and Bad

First let’s look at the advantages of the EMAX Magnum.

  1. Ridiculously easy to build.  For a seasoned builder, you can build a quad from parts to test hover easily under an hour.
  2. Great price.  It would cost more to build a similar stack
  3. Ultra clean build.  Everything stacks very neatly with minimal wires
  4. Loaded with features in a small package
  5. Runs BetaFlight
  6. Easy to change band/power/channels on the VTX


  1. Questionable quality.  Hope it was just mine but the antenna cable came apart pretty easily
  2. AIO stack.  This is the problem with AIO stacks.  If one part goes bad, it’s really hard to fix
Should you get the EMAX Magnum?

Would I recommend the Magnum for a serious racer?  No, I probably wouldn’t.  Racers crash constantly and break parts.  I haven’t had enough time to tell how durable with stack is but naturally when you crash things will break.  If you needed to replace a component on the Magnum it would be much harder to get specific components.  That would be my only hesitation for racers.  I’d say the Magnum is great for the casual FPV quad pilot who likes to build clean quads and fly for fun.  It’s a great value for the price, clean, loaded with features and super easy to build.  Other than that I really enjoyed building with the EMAX Magnum AIO stack.

If you found this post helpful, it would be super cool if you purchased the components from my store or purchase items from my Amazon links.  These posts are expensive and take a loooong time to make so the purchases make it possible for me to keep making them.  Thanks in advance, I greatly appreciate it 🙂





22 responses to “EMAX Magnum All in One Tower : Easy Quad Build”

  1. James DiEdwardo Avatar
    James DiEdwardo

    I noticed you’re not getting the RSSI readout on the Taranis. I have the same issue (also using XM+). I’m following some how-to’s on how to get that to work, but so far no luck.

  2. Ivan Avatar

    Where can I get those rubber inserts you used for the F/C and ESC stack ?

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      those are part of the Tokio frame. you can but just the hardware here:


  3. Marc Lyons Avatar

    what’s the product you used to reinforce the vtx antenna cable?

    1. Marc Lyons Avatar

      Bondic. I found it if this is what you mentioned.

      1. Mike Tseng Avatar
        Mike Tseng

        yes, the link is in the post.

  4. David Lewis Avatar
    David Lewis

    I bought a whole kit and the emax magnum for my buddy and building his drone. I use Frsky but he still uses spektrum. I hooked up a DSM2 RX satalite to the Emax board in the 3.5v, G, and Signal pads, and I can get the receiver to talk to transmitter but cant get the motors to arm. Anyone have this setup working with a spektrum and the emax magnum that can share how? Mike do you know? Pics would be assume for betaflight settings. Since the betaflight software is showing moving on the pan, throttle, aux’s etc, I can’t figure out why its not arming. I am using UART 1 as serial and the spektrum 1028 since its a DSM2.

    1. David Lewis Avatar
      David Lewis

      Ignore my post. I’m an idiot. His trim on his throttle was set to high. Solved.

    2. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      sorry i’ve never used spektrum so i don’t know

  5. David Lewis Avatar
    David Lewis

    Using the config you show in the video Mike, what if anything do I need to do to get the RSSI value on the OSD? I have a feeling I need to define the RSSI channel in beta flight and possibly other settings in BF. If I do nothing, I see a ZERO value on my OSD but I do know the radio is working as I can fly it. In short, I’d like to see RSSI.

  6. Orlando Valentin Avatar
    Orlando Valentin

    to get RSSI from the XM just enter Ch16 for the RSSI Channel in the Receiver Tab

    1. David Lewis Avatar
      David Lewis

      Thanks Orlando! I’ll give that a try.

  7. Matt Wallin Avatar
    Matt Wallin

    What are the pids for this build?

    1. Yog one Avatar
      Yog one

      Yepp i want to know too

  8. David Lewis Avatar
    David Lewis

    Has anyone figured out how to change Video channels in the OSD successfully? My dip switch came off the board some how and when I tried to change in the OSD UI it didn’t “take”.

  9. Butler Avatar

    what flysky receiver do you think would fit best on this board? Would the Ia6c work?

  10. Olivier Avatar

    Hello Mike. I have this stack, and the VTX is insanely (anormally?) hot in 25mW as in 200mW.
    I decided to use a heat sink, but anyway, it is burning in less than 2 minutes…
    All seem to work correctly, and I have not noticed any shortcut.
    Do you experiment the same?

    1. Olivier Avatar

      (Antenna connected, and core temperature reported by OSD can go up to 75°C maybe more I guess if I don’t disconnect LiPo )

    2. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      is the vtx getting hot on the table or flying? all VTX will get super hot if it’s just sitting on the table with no airflow

      1. Olivier Avatar

        On table, so yes, it should be that… but as I have another one (foxeer TM25 adj up to 600mW.) that heats less (on table too), I was wondering. Thank you for you answer anyway, I fly it this week-end, I will see!

  11. adymn06 Avatar

    What are the pids for this? Did not see any post on this. Will be ordering the kits soon. Peace from Singapore

  12. WEBITO Avatar

    What are the new PIDS? Would like to see an update on this.

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