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Brushless Whoop | BetaFPV Beta75 Pro

BetaFPV Beta75 Pro Brushless Whoop

This brushless whoop is sick!

In my last Tiny Whoop review I looked at three tiny whoops in the 75mm range.  The Inductrix FPV+ was too expensive and only uses Spektrum but the meow mode was cool.  The Boldclash B06 was really poor quality but I liked the brushless motors.  The BetaFPV Beta75 was all around good but needed just a bit more power.  The BetaFPV Beta75 Pro brushless whoop has all the good specs from each of those whoops and more!

brushless whoop

BetaFPV Beta75 Pro Specifications
  • 75mm
  • BetaFlight 3.2
  • Dshot600
  • Beeper
  • Turtle mode!
  • BetaflightOSD
  • Brushless 0703 15000KV motors
  • 40mm Quad Blade Props
  • 25mw VTX
  • Uses a 1s HV 550mAh Battery
  • 28g No battery
  • 42g with 550mAh 1s
  • Available in FrSky, Spektrum and Futaba

What makes the BetaFPV Beta75 Pro special is that it uses brushless motors unlike the Beta75 that uses brushed motors.  Motor spec wise it’s the same as the Boldclash B06, 0703 15000kv but the BetaFPV motors are so much smoother and more powerful.   The Boldclash B06 was junk.  After I did the Tiny Whoop review we went to a Tiny whoop race.  I let my friend fly the Boldclash.  Within 5 battery packs the motor bell fell off, USB connector came off and the VTX bled on everyone’s video.

brushless whoop

The Beta75 Pro’s brushless motors matched with the 40mm quad blades has enough power to fly outside.  Even when there was a 10mph breeze, I was able to easily fly outside and have fun.  In rate mode it had enough power to feel almost like a normal quad.  It can easily roll and flip.

BetaFlight 3.2

brushless whoop


The Beta75 Pro brushless whoop runs on BetaFlight 3.2 so it’s super simple to set up.  It’s available in three Rx versions, FrSky, Spektrum and Futaba.  I’m using the FrSky version so it has an XM rx.  The Beta75 Pro doesn’t come with any manuals in the box but it’s not an issue.  I had the RX bound, all the settings done in BetaFlight and flying within 5 min of opening the box.

To bind the XM to your Taranis, hold down the bind button while plugging in the batter.  The LED on the XM will stay a solid red.  In your Taranis set the mode to D16 and select bind.  You’ll see the LED on the XM plus start blinking.  Power off the Taranis and unplug the battery.  When you power back up everything will be bound.

The setup screens in BetaFlight are just like a normal quad running Betaflight3.2 and Dshot flashed ESCs so it’s super simple to configure everything.

brushless whoop

brushless whoop

It even has Dshot compatible ESCs.  You know what that means?  It has turtle mode and you can enable motor beep!  Turtle mode is a feature that lets you reverse certain props to help you flip over after a crash.  How cool is that.  It pretty much has all the features of a full size quad.

brushless whoop

Flying default PIDs with the rates turned down, the Beta75 Pro flew great.  Even flying outside with a 10 mph wind I was surprised at how well it flew.  The brushless motors with the quad blade props had enough power to fly acro and enough punch to do some simple freestyle maneuvers.

brushless whoop

brushless whoop

The Beta75 Pro brushless whoop has a 25mw single button 40 channel VTX with Raceband frequencies.  Single press to change channels and hold for 4 seconds to change bands.

brushless whoop

brushless whoop

The BetaFPV Beta75 Pro brushless whoop retails for $120.  It still costs less than the brushed Inductrix FPV+ and has way more features.  It uses the 550mAh 1s sized batteries which cost about $6.5 each.  Not terrible considering you get around 4 min flight times with lots of power.  I’ve been using this $15 6in1 Tiny Whoop charger and it works great.  You can charge 6 batteries at once with selectable HV (4.35v) or standard (4.2v), .2mAh or .6mAh charge current, USB 5v out so you can charge your phone and powers off any LiPo with a XT60 connector.

Would I recommend the BetaFPV Beta75 Pro brushless whoop?  Hell yes!  I liked them so much I reached out to BetaFPV to start carrying them in the store!  What I really love about the Beta75 Pro is that it can fly outdoors.  It’s the perfect quad to set up a small track in your backyard to race with your friends.  Grab some friends, grab some Beta75 Pro brushless whoops and have yourselves a whoop ass good time.


After I posted this video I had several people tell me about a motor issue on the Beta75 Pro.  Some people where having an issue where the motor bell comes off on hard crashes.  I contacted BetaFPV and man, these guys have great support!  They are aware of the issue and have already fixed the solution.  The original motors had just a small brass collar that holds the motor shaft in place.  On hard crashes this collar would pop off and the motor bell would come off.  The new updated motors have a bigger collar that are laser welded to the shaft making it nearly impossible for the collar to come off.

For people who have ordered from my site, have no fear cause BetaFPV has owned up to this error. They are sending replacement motors.  Free upgrades for everyone!  If you ordered from my site, send me a message and I’ll send you the new motors we we get them.

betafpv beta75 pro new motors


If you found this post helpful, it would be super cool if you purchased the components from my store or purchase items from my Amazon links.  These posts are expensive and take a loooong time to make so the purchases make it possible for me to keep making them.  Thanks in advance, I greatly appreciate it 🙂





33 responses to “Brushless Whoop | BetaFPV Beta75 Pro”

  1. Tim Avatar

    Hey Mike, I ordered everything for a beta75 pro on 1/30 so I can diy the build. I worried now because I have heard the betafpv 0703 brushless motors are having problems with the bushing flying off leaving the bell unsecured. I heard betafpv is currently working to remedy this but I’m not sure if they will ship my motors before or after they figure this out. So I was wondering if you have had any issues with your bushings on your betafpv motors? Thanks!

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      i posted an update on the post. betafpv is owning up to the motor issue and sending me replacement motors for the beta75 pro i have. if you ordered from somewhere else, tough luck! haha, jk, I’d reach out to where ever you got it from and exchange the motors

  2. Eric Avatar

    Mike! You are killing me! You know I’ll buy anything you recommend right? LOL Honestly though, it is great to have you and Flight Club FPV to help us enjoy this great hobby. I bought the Beta 75 and I haven’t even flown it yet and of course now I need a Beta 75 Pro. I am very intrigued by a whoop that can handle a little outdoor flying. Of course I will get it from you when I do. Thanks again for the informative videos and all your hard work spent “bringing new shit to light”.
    I agree that the Crazepony charger is most excellent. I at least charged the Beta 75 batteries in anticipation of flying it next time I’m home for more than a few hours. Between work and ski season it hasn’t been easy…

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      hehe, you can never stay on top of everything. FPV advances daily! yeah you’ll love this 75 PRO. It flies great even outside!

  3. Kerry Avatar

    How can I order this for Spektrum?

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      we have the Spektrum version coming next week

  4. Brad Avatar

    Mike any chance you will be carrying the Batteries for these………. that china slow boat is a killer plus id rather spend my money where i know its valued

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      i wont be carrying the battery. it’s the same price on amazon and it’s prime! i can’t compete with amazon!

  5. SIG11 Avatar

    Can you fly these things in Acro mode? I have tried using a Tiny7, and it’s almost impossible to fly in Acro mode. I mostly have to fly in Horizon mode. I am trying to find a Tiny Whoop I can fly well in Acro like the 5 inch drones. These tiny ones just seem so sensitive in Acro. Should I greatly reduce the rates to compensate or do most people just fly these things in stablized mode?

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      yes, that’s the main reason I got this one. it runs betaflight so you can tune pids and lower the rates so it’s not so sensitive. the video at the end was all acro mode

      1. SIG11 Avatar

        Are they the rates you have listed above or did you also add expo to your transmitter? I need to get some of these from you when they come in. Looks awesome!

        1. Mike Tseng Avatar
          Mike Tseng

          no expo was done in the transmitter. everything was done in betaflight pids. we should have more next week

  6. Phillipe Kourkoulis Avatar
    Phillipe Kourkoulis

    Mike I’m having trouble with betaflight as it doesn’t recognize my transmitter. The reciever is bound and I have uart3 selected and everything set up correctly as I would with any other quad I own. Is there something I’m missing here?

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      i’ll email you

  7. Eric Avatar

    I had a blast flying my Beta 75 Pro outdoors today in a significant breeze. My buddies and i were tearing it up on the RC car track beside our runway. When my car battery died I grabbed my 75 Pro and started chasing the cars around the track. What a blast! Plus throwing in some flips and rolls and split esses for good measure. Hopefully you will be hearing from at least a couple of them soon, the 75 Pro was a big hit. It flies very well outdoors and it has prop guards. The camera is also very good.

  8. Eric Avatar

    Any idea when those replacement motors will be coming in? I haven’t blown a old style motor yet but I will replace them when the new ones arrive.

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      hi eric, the shipment we were expecting two weeks ago is lost 🙁

      i’m waiting for betafpv to get back from holiday for some insight, sorry

  9. Eric Avatar

    Hi Mike, I followed your set up instructions and set the beeper function on an AUX channel but my motors don’t beep. They never beep for any reason. Any ideas?
    The turtle mode works great!
    The RSSI in my goggles always seems to say 14. Is that considered full strength for these little quads? It is the same in both my Pro and brushed Beta 75’s. I don’t think it ever changes, LOL. There is no telemetry going to my Taranis X9D+ it is all Betaflight OSD. But flying around outside with the Pro I thought the range was very good. The picture quality and range is good too.

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      set up the beeper on a switch, then enter this command in CLI:

      set beeper_dshot_beacon_tone = 3

      i never could get the rssi to work correctly but honestly don’t really care. i don’t plan on long ranging it, ha!

  10. Eric Avatar

    Thanks Mike! Yeah, I’m going to remove the RSSI indication from the OSD since it doesn’t give useful info. I think the range on this is certainly better than my old HH Tiny Whoops.

  11. Tim Trojko Avatar
    Tim Trojko

    I am unable to get this quad to fly. Motors will not spin up properly or fast enough to get off the ground. I have new motors version and frsky version. Any ideas would be great.

  12. Matthew Avatar

    HI Mike, are there any special instructions for binding to the Spektrum model?

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      sorry i’ve never used spektrum 🙁

  13. Sebastian Vohwinkel Avatar
    Sebastian Vohwinkel

    Hi, is it possible to use the quad with a Flysky FS-I6 Transmitter? Does it’s FC understand IBUS or PPM?

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      i believe these do come in a flysky model

  14. David Tyler Avatar
    David Tyler

    Hi Mike,
    I just saw the Betafpv85. Is that the same just bigger??

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      I’d stay away from anything BetaFPV. Their support is horrible. Initially when I posted the review they seemed very helpful in fixing the motor issue they had. They told me they changed the design of the motors so the bushing wouldn’t come off but what they really did was just modify the old motors. The motors still had issues but it took sometimes over a month to help out customers with motor issues.

  15. Bill Avatar

    “I’d stay away from anything BetaFPV”

    Wow, that’s quite a change from the review!

    That’s just due to how they handled the motor issue?

    If you don’t like these any more, what do you now recommend for a Tiny Whoop?

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      Yeah, they have horrible support. I’ve been flying the normal brush beta65s and it’s been fine. it doesn’t have quite as much power as the brushless but it’s much more durable

  16. Eric Avatar

    Well, sorry to hear that, but mine is flown a lot and it flies fantastic for a little quad. So until a support issue comes up it is a great quad. And thank you Mike for the replacement set of motors. At least I know I can fly through a couple of motor fails before I’ll need anything from Betaflight.
    I wanted to caution users from leaving their BetaFPV 550 or 260 mAh HV batteries stored fully charged. I did and they all puffed big time. They work but they don’t really fit in the straps anymore. Better to charge them just the day you fly.

  17. Christopher Clayton Avatar
    Christopher Clayton

    Mike, have you heard about any fly always? I had mine for about 5 seconds. I was in a tight alley but was just showing a friend a little fpv tiny whoopin. When I armed the motors and gave it the tiniest bit of throttle it shot to the moon. I panicked because I didn’t kill the arm switch. It was already higher than the rooftops and I am pretty good at staying cool and circling until it subsides. Anyway, I finally got it to come down but it came down fast. It landed on the roof. My buddy was like bummer. I said check this out, flipped it into turtle mode and flipped it right side up. But then it wouldn’t take off. Any guesses….? Right! Two of the props came off. Anyway, I climbed up the side of the building grabbed my beta 75 pro 2 and the two props. So now I have two problems, fly away and props. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      that sounds like a betaflight issue. you can go on the betafpv site and they will have a cli dump for the factory settings. i would try to re-flash the board and load factory settings then try again

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