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I’m Addicted to flying FPV Quadcopters

As of October 2014 I knew absolutely nothing about quadcopters.  Like many of you I saw these guys on Youtube flying quadcopters doing crazy stuff like racing through the woods dodging trees doing flips and rolls, flying in the middle of a fireworks show or seeing beautiful landscapes from a bird’s eye view.  This is so freaking cool!  With FPV, it’s the closest I’ll probably ever get to being able to fly.

[custom_headline type="center" level="h3" looks_like="h4" accent="true" ]Build, Fly, Crash, Repeat[/custom_headline]

Believe me, I know it’s pretty confusing and frustrating when you get started.  It took me hours, days and weeks to research what parts to buy, assemble the parts, configure the flight controller then tuning the quad.  When I finally got the quadcopter flying, I could not fly for more than 30seconds without crashing.  I would always break something before the battery was depleted.   Most of the time it was just propellers but sometimes it was more expensive things like motors, transmitters or frames.  Build, fly, crash and repeat, that’s pretty much sums up flying FPV quadcopters especially in the beginning.  As of right now I’m only about 40 batteries in and I’ve broken countless propellers, destroyed four motors, burned out two ESC’s, a video transmitter, a lipo battery, half my LED’S are smashed and my frame is cracked.

Don’t get discouraged when starting out.  You WILL crash and break parts when you fly quadcopters.  I still fly like crap but I can feel improvements with every battery I go through.  It was a great feeling when I finally flew my quadcopter through the Fatshark Dominator goggles without crashing on a whole battery.  I was absolutely addicted!  All the frustration and hard work paid off.  It really feels like you’re flying!  This is the most fun I’ve had with any of my hobbies.

I was intrigued but also lost.  The more I looked into quadcopters the more confused I got.  It been about 15 years since I got out of RC cars and the technology has changed so much.  I had to relearn everything from flight controllers, ESC’s, brushless mothers, batteries and FPV is a whole new animal.  There is still so much to learn and techniques to master.   The purpose of this site is to take you on my journey from knowing absolutely nothing about FPV quadcopters to building and racing your own quad.






12 responses to “I’m Addicted to flying FPV Quadcopters”

  1. Sal Avatar

    I have a Birdseye quad it’s a beast ill go 60 mph new never used for sale it has a to go cam fully loaded if ur interested 5 battery’s

    1. FlightClub Avatar

      Thanks for the offer but I have like 9 quads sitting here. No time to fly them all.

  2. Arya Avatar

    I have a quad with 12 amp ESCs and I wanna upgrade to 20 amps and I’m split between blehi and luminier SimonK so I was wondering do bheli ESCs require any configuring or programming before you put them on the quad.

    1. FlightClub Avatar

      The bl20a come pre-programmed with BlHeli 14.2 and one shot auto detect so it’s almost plug-n-play. no flashing required 🙂

  3. Arya Avatar

    So I would just plug it into my naze and I’m good to go

    1. FlightClub Avatar

      well, you have to power it off the PDB and connect the motors, then you’re good to go 🙂

  4. Arya Avatar

    Yeah, thx that’s gonna save me 50$ ur videos are life savers??

    1. FlightClub Avatar

      that’s why I made them 🙂

  5. Reyna Avatar

    R u still in business I tried ordering and no luck

    1. FlightClub Avatar

      yup we sure are. I can see the order you just tried to place. The payment method failed for some reason. Can you try again? If it doesn’t work again, send me an note and we’ll get it figured out. Thanks!

  6. Greg Avatar

    Thanks for writing this… I started building in the fall (I have bought stuff from you and will continue to do so) and am just now able to hover and maintain control in rate – I refuse to fly in angle or horizon modes…
    Got three builds on the go (one QAV-X in the air) and have just started to put the Fatsharks on (SLOWLY)

    It’s good to read what you wrote here and I feel a little more control all the time- love this activity and I love the learning curve and the building and figuring out everything-it’s all fun even if it’s frustrating sometimes. But this article is very encouraging.

    I have also been connecting my Taranis to my Mac and practicing with Velocidrone, Freerider and DRL Simulator all of which have been really good for teaching my hands the controls.

    Thanks for all the great info and the great stuff from your shop.

    1. FlightClub Avatar

      awesome man! they only way to get better is practice and lots of crashing. don’t get discouraged. we all crash like crazy at first.

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