flightclub proton

FlightClub PROton | Ultralight Quad Fans Rejoice!

FlightClub PROton | Ultralight Quad Fans Rejoice!

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The whole quad racing industry has shifted towards ultralight setups this year.  Well have no fear, PROton can do ultralite too!  Being so adaptable the PROton in skeleton mode can be built into a lean, mean, screaming machine.

This build shown below is just 215g.  I could have gotten it to 210g if I had gone with a 20x20mm stack.  But I decided to go with the Cicada 30A F4 AIO that I use in the Phuket.

flightclub proton
flightclub proton
flightclub proton

*Prototype v4 shown.  The final production version will have some slight differences.  Dont worry, they are all good changes.

215g PROton Build List

The standard PROton skeleton frame will either come with 25mm or 28mm standoffs.  Because I’m using the AIO it let me build a super low profile quad so I’m using 20mm standoffs.  Because of the camera 20mm is the lowest you can go.  The stack is actually lower!

The Skeleton will come with custom camera mounts for the Micro cameras and the rear VTX antenna / rx antenna holder.  This mount is designed for the Lumenier AXii U.FL antenna but it can take a regular SMA connector to accommodate any VTX antenna.

Butter Mounts!

flightclub protonSince the last PROton update, I’ve been tweaking 🙂  Now PROton will have butter mounts like in the Tokio!  Butter mounts are custom silicon molded grommets that isolate the flight controller stacks from any vibrations from the motors.  The butter mounts squash any vibrations before they reach the flight controller.

It’s Time, PROton is Ready!

In collaboration with some of the fastest pilots in the world, EnvyAstroSedHendo and some other pilots I can’t mention, PROton is ready.  Every single cut, curve, line or hole has a purpose on the PROton.  Nothing is done for cosmetic purposes.  No waves, flames, spikes or fins will make it on this frame.  Everything has been tweaked and tested to make sure everything works.  PROton is currently on the 4th prototype.  After hundreds of packs, crashes and tweaks…PROton is ready to be released.

PROton Pre-Orders will start November 17th at Midnight.

That’s right!  PROton pre-orders will start November 17th at midnight for only $50!  To sweeten the deal all pre-order PROtons will come with 5 arms instead of 4.  PROton Canopy or Skeleton, it doesn’t matter.  They are both $50.  Order 1 or order 10!

After the pre-orders, PROtons will be $65.  Why so cheap you ask?  I want PROtons everywhere!  Don’t mistaken the low cost for a cheap frame.  Forget about the price, there’s not a frame on the market right now that can even compare with all the features that are loaded in the PROton.  Not even close.

Set an alarm, make a post-it or tie a ribbon around your wrist.  Do not miss out on the $50 pre-order limited deal.  Tokio pre-orders sold out in less than 6 hours.  We should have enough PROtons to last more than 6 hours but they will sell out quickly.

Go to the PROton pre-orders page and enter your email to be notified the moment pre-orders go live.  Don’t worry, we hate spam too.  Your email will only be used to notify you when orders start.  See you on the podium!







9 responses to “FlightClub PROton | Ultralight Quad Fans Rejoice!”

  1. Kelly Storm Avatar
    Kelly Storm


  2. Eric Avatar

    Mike, I’d really like to hear how the flying qualities of your quad frames differ. I have the TokioX but not the stretch. It flies awesome, much floatier and better for freestyle than my Vortex 250. So I never fly the Vortex anymore! But I can’t decide whether to go for this ultralite frame and I have no idea what configuration I should get. I don’t race competitively so it would just be freestyle and gates for fun. I guess building the lightest possible would be the most different than my Tokio?
    Also will you be doing a kit for this quad? I wish I had waited when I bought my Tokio X and later had to buy all the parts and figure out wire lengths and programming, maybe not a big deal but your kits are awesome time savers.
    I’d also like to know more about the Phuket. It would be nice if you wrote or taped a primer describing how all these quads fly and differ and what they excel at individually. Thanks!

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      HI Eric, that’s a lot of questions. To keep my answer short, if you are just wanting a frame to fly for fun, not serious racing, I’d go with the PROton canopy with practice arms. This is the slightly heavier configuration but well under 300g depending on the motors.

      If you want a frame for purely fun, go with the Phuket. This is still my favorite frame to fly, it’s a freaking blast!

  3. SignoEleven Avatar

    Awesome. Ordered 2 of them!

  4. Kelly Storm Avatar
    Kelly Storm

    Hey, curious about the 4″ arms, are they thin like the 5″ race arms or regular and how does that Lumiere antenna stay put in the TPU holder. Is it a press fit or does it snap in or something? Also is it required to use the vtx CF mount or can I install the vtx and +xm receiver like on the Phuket?

    About the motor screw spacing, is it compatible with brother hobby 1608/3200kv? I think there suppose to be 12mm diameter maybe? Here’s a pic



  5. Eric Avatar

    Thanks Mike, it sounds like a Proton and Phuket could be great mates for my Tokio X.

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      they are best buddies 🙂

  6. Lupo Avatar

    Is this a stretch or X?

    1. Mike Tseng Avatar
      Mike Tseng

      this is not a true x or sx but closer to X. we are prototyping SX arms now

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